Blushing Bride

10 Jan

Hi my name is Lauren and I have a confession to make; I’m a beauty product addict,or as my husband likes to say, I’m ‘an advertisers dream’! I’m obsessed with make up and trying out new beauty products, if I see something advertised in a magazine or on the TV, I want them – I want to see if it makes me prettier, more A list, more sexy, more AMAZING!

Me... Mrs Parsons!

I absolutely love buying new make up and am obsessed with trying out different products to make my eyelashes longer, my cheeks rosier, my nails fancier, my lips fuller, my skin smoother, my pores smaller, and the list goes on….Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t! But at least I know I’ve tried them.

Our tiny bathroom and my slightly larger dressing room are treasure troves of face creams, make up, fake tan, fake eyelashes, an array of brushes, hair sprays, a range of gorgeous perfumes, a rainbow of nail polishes, a few straighteners, crimpers, curlers, (am I the only one who can’t make up my mind re curls versus poker straight??),  oh, and mirrors! I’ve got powders, creams, liquids, mousses, glosses – everything imaginable!

Just a small sample of my make up collection

My Mum always wore make-up and I remember her with eyeliner and lipstick as her make-up staples.  I was never really allowed to wear a great deal of make-up when I was growing up but as a young adult, when my skin went red and patchy, I was trying everything to find something to cover it up.  Although it turned out to be something that was cured by the Doctor I think that this is where the obsession started. From there it has blossomed into a creative hobby and something I love doing and experimenting with.

Leopard print... not just for Kat Slater

 Every lunch break I have I’m down at Boots or Superdrug looking for the latest product fix to change my life – or my eyelashes or my hair – and I just cannot get enough of it! So, I’ve decided to share my journey through beauty addiction with you and maybe you’ll find your perfect product,or at least enjoy the ramblings of a girl clearly obsessed with all things beauty!

For me, it’s all in the joy of finding something new and fabulous to help make me look and feel totally fabulous when I head out my front door to face the world….bring it on! Enjoy the journey!

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