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24 Jan

Benefit They’re Real!

 By Wedded Miss: Lauren P

First off you need to know I am especially obsessed with finding the ‘perfect’ mascara.  I want the longest, thickest, blackest lashes possible.  I have been searching for a mascara to fill these requirements for a very long time!

 Falsies don’t interest me – they are far too much hassle and take far too much effort to put on.  I cannot for the life of me get them to look as glamorous and sexy as some of my beautiful friends seem to, so mascara is the only option for moi!

 I always have at least 3 mascaras on the go at once trying to get the wide eyed look for day and night but it just never seems to quite satisfy my need for luscious lashes!

 So when I tried Benefits new mascara They’re Real! I was almost jumping for joy in my little ‘getting ready’ room!  I have to say its amaze!

I have no idea how it works or what is different about this mascara to other brands but it works. It really works. My eyelashes finally look long and dark just like falsies but in only one stroke of a brush.  Fan-bloody-tastic!

 It is slightly pricey at £18.50 if, like me, you are used to paying £6 ish.  But it is well worth it, especially if you can go to Boots and use your Advantage card for a few sneaky points!  If one thing in your make up bag is worth paying a few extra quid for it has to be mascara – it’s all about framing your eyes ladies!


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