Soap & Glory Kicks Ass: Kick Ass Concealer

10 Feb

I am obsessed with S&G products. Fact. I absolutely love their range of bath products; they smell amazing, last forever and do what they say on the tin. The packaging is trendy, attractive, girly and the original product names are brilliant.  All in all it’s a fabulous brand that I cannot get enough of.  So when I saw they were launching a cosmetics range a few months back I was beyond excited! The advertising for it was fun and appealed to my sense of humor – good start.

Rack off Rimmel, Bye Bye Benefit: Soap & Glory Are Kicking Ass

 After reading reviews I couldn’t wait to try it out, only problem was my local Boots didn’t stock it (sad face) and when I looked in other stores they had all but run out! Popular much?? Clearly I am not alone in my love for this brand.

Yesterday I finally got hold of Kick Ass Concealer, an impressive little pot with 3 steps concealed within; proving that sometimes the best things in life are hidden. Step one is an under eye concealer and brightener, step two a blemish concealer and step 3 a light powder to keep it all in place. It also manages to hold a small mirror and a tiny powder puff for step 3; proving the best things do come in small compact packages.

I have always had quite dark circles under my eyes so am always trying to find something to cover them up without looking obvious.  This concealer did the trick fabulously and the spot cover up was just as good.  The powder is ingenious and especially good if you have a slight sheen on your skin.  I like to have something I can keep in my handbag for touch ups during the day/night.  There’s also the added bonus of it looking sleek, which means a  fabulous addition for my already heavy handbag.

At £10 I think this is a bargain – easy to use, compact and handbag friendly, as well as doing what it says on the tin! I can’t wait to tryout some other Soap and Glory cosmetics – watch this space for my reviews and obsessive rantings! If you hadn’t guessed already, heart this brand; long live the land of Soap and Glory.


2 Responses to “Soap & Glory Kicks Ass: Kick Ass Concealer”

  1. Adissa April 13, 2012 at 11:40 pm #

    hey i am currently trying to get a hold of this concealer in light also but they are all out of stock in my local boots, do you know where i can find it in London? Thanks 🙂

    • kolegate April 14, 2012 at 8:40 am #

      It is only stocked in Boots hun, so you’d have to try another store or have a look on Soap & Glory website. Thanks for checking out our blog! X

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