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California Curls: Katy’s Lashes Reviewed

6 Mar

Looking pretty without any make-up on is something we’ll leave to Ms Katy Perry herself, but for times when we want to release that inner firework we’ll head down to our local Boots and stock up on her gorgeous range of lashes. The former Mrs Brand has pulled a Girls Aloud, and released her own range of peeper party streamers in connection with lash giants Eylure.

When Hitched & Ditched sprinted to the lash aisle, we fought past the usual crowd of atleast five women gathered around, and immediately we were drawn to the dramatic ‘Oh My!’ lashes from our all time girl crush. We thought the pack contained 3 sets of lashes, but were pleasantly suprised that it was in fact one gorgeous set of thick lashes; finally someone has answered our peeper prayers.

Oh My! Katy's luscious lashes make a big impact

 Our only beef with false lashes stems from the price, and ends with the actual lack of attention they draw; no wonder some women purchase 3 pairs to wear on the same night out. The ‘Jordan’ lash look has become one to copy, but we at Hitched & Ditched prefer the California Girl herself; with or without that Rusty fella. While her love life may be less than full, her ‘Oh My’ lashes are dramatic, with no need to tell people you have falsies on- they will see it for themselves.

My natural lashes are anything but long; just your average pair of peepers with tiny spiders legs, so when I attached my Katy lashes I felt prettier than any Teenage Dream, and definately looked more hot than cold.



We had no trouble putting these lashes on; simply apply a liberal layer of eyelash glue to the lashes, wiggle for 20 seconds to loosen the lash up, then place a long the lash line using tweezers. Then gently wiggle into place and press down until secure; ta dah, instant Katy Perry sexy kitten lashes.

They may be a little pricey at £7 a pair, but they are 100% reusable; ours have been to London and lived to tell the tale. Don’t let these lashes be the ones that got away, grab your pair now before we buy the lot!