Looking for love in a hopeless place

1 Apr

Nah nah nah nah nah come on! Surely Ms Rihanna doesn’t struggle to find her very own Rude Boy? According to the lady herself bagging the perfect man is harder than it seems, even with that face and body. Wedded Miss and Miss Independent discuss power, the pretty and finding that elusive perfect man.

Wedded Miss Says…

 As mega famous, filthy rich and utterly stunning pop singer Rihanna recently found out, men are often intimidated by a woman’s success, work ethic, a big income, a gorgeous body and a lavish lifestyle.  Being Rihanna doesn’t make it any easier to get what you want and be happy ,unfortunately.

Modern day women have a lot to contend with; getting a career you love but having time to socialize with friends and family, finding ‘The One’ whilst still being independent, sexy and demure, clever but not ‘too clever’, maternal but not ‘mumsy’, successful but not intimidating. Being a woman is essentially a balancing act between who you are and who others expect you to be. So should Rihanna and women like her just dumb down, get out the game and succumb to a not entirely perfect relationship (think Chris Brown…) in order to share their life with someone?  NO is my answer!  I may not be intimidating in the money or career sense but I truly believe that a woman should never hide herself in order to bag a partner.

Men have always disliked my feisty nature; I am opinionated, angry, feminist and not afraid of a good discussion or argument!  I got bullied at school for being outspoken, called all sorts of ridiculous names, and still men (and other women) feel that they can bully me because I have something to say. I don’t believe that women should shut up and put up; people who put you down only do so because they can’t handle you and have their only insecurities. I have never dumbed myself down or pretended to be something I’m not because I really feel that to find true love and develop a fabulous relationship you have to be able to be YOU!

Rihanna and her amazing worldwide success, fame and money may intimidate many men but she is still human.  She still has her flaws; her good points, still makes mistakes, likes to laugh and sometimes cries.  And if any man is worth being with they will make the effort to see past the super star façade.

Although it can sometimes feel lonely being single it’s not worth being with someone who makes you feel like who you are is wrong. Women have every right to be successful, beautiful, intelligent, mothering, strong, independent, outspoken, amazing and find true love! There are men out there who will actually like you for who you are; so get out there and show them how awesome being a woman can be!


Miss Independent says…

Poor old Ri-Ri. No matter how many times she shakes that booty, or gallivants across a sandy white beach in nothing more than dental floss, it seems she too struggles in the search to bag her dream man. She may like to keep it real by hopping on the tube like the rest of us, but her life is anything but ordinary, and many men struggle to cope when their Mrs brings home more money than they do, let alone being a worldwide superstar with paparazzi at every corner.

At the end of the day people are people, it just so happens that some experience a life of luxury that the rest of us can only dream of. But Rihanna still cries over guys like every other woman; she just has an array of designer shades and concealer to hide her pain. Ever since Chris Brown brutally attacked her, Rihanna has been linked to a string of celebrity men, with professional douche bag Ashton Kutcher being the latest. Now I’m no relationship guru, but it doesn’t take a genius to see that the S N M lover just wants to feel like the only girl in the world, but keeps on searching for love in hopeless places.

I believe that celebrities get with other celebrities as it is easier for the relationship to cope, as both are under the spotlight. This can also apply to everyday human beings like me, as I would love to find romance with a fellow creative soul, and the thought of being with someone who deals with figures other than my own just doesn’t add up.

I agree with Wedded Miss, in that a woman should be comfortable being herself and men should either like it or lump it, however more often than not we end up changing ourselves to cater to the opposite sex. Ri-Ri also admitted this week that she is not 100% happy with her body, despite constantly being snapped in daring outfits that reveal at least one of her nipples. But we have to remember that this woman is still only 23 years old, and feeling comfortable in her own skin is something she’ll learn along her star studded path.

So where does that leave the rest of us? I mean a woman as feisty as Rihanna should have men quaking in their boots and queuing round the block no? Well that’s where the problem lies, as a woman with power is not something that a man can swallow easily, especially when it comes to having a relationship. But until Rihanna falls of the A list radar, she’ll continue with this struggle; which makes her more relatable as a fellow female than any amount of tube rides.


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