Wedded Miss: Soap & Glorious

30 Apr

Move over hubby, our Wedded Miss has a new love in her life and it comes in the form of Soap & Glory’s skincare range. Here she says a massive ‘I Do’ to their latest anti-wrinkle eye cream.


As I hurtle towards the grand old age of 30, I realise that I have to succumb to using products which make my skin silky smooth and prevent those dreaded wrinkles we all spend a fortune trying to avoid. My eyes are the real issue, as even though I have inherited my parents youthful looks, I have always had big dark bags which seem to be getting more sensitive and crinkled as I enjoy married life.

There is a huge market for anti-wrinkle miracle solutions but I’m not interested in the hype, as even though I am recently hitched I just don’t feel old enough to need such a wonder product. Luckily for me, Soap & Glory have everything a girl needs to take your face from fab to drab without breaking into the cocktail fund.

My fabulous & generous Dad had already bought me a delightful selection of products from the range to get me ready for my wedding, so I already knew the face range was working for me.
Make Yourself Youthful eye cream is a serious life saver; my love for this product is close to my love for ‘Mr & Mrs’ garments and it is perfect for my sensitive contact lensed eyes, as  It soothes them, stops concealer drying and helps reduce dark circles.

It is now one of the must haves in my morning routine, so if you’re feeling the pinch around the windows to your soul – check it out. It is £12 for a small tube but it lasts for ages as you need the tiniest amount.

Other soap & glory products I strongly recommend you blow your pay check on:

1. Clean On Me shower gel – gorgeous smell, moisturising & lasts longer than Miss Independent’s relationships.

2. Calm One Calm All Bubble bath – as above but even more moisturising & gives good bubble.

3. Love at First Blush blusher – beautiful pinks plus a gorgeous shimmer to highlight your cheekbones, whether they are there or not!! Try it on your eye lids too. Mirror included so shove it in your clutch to keep you looking flushed all day/night long.

4. Face Soap and Clarity – excellent facial scrub which makes your face feel clean & fresh without drying it out. Also good if you have oily/sensitive skin like moi as it is super kind & not harsh.

Try them – you won’t regret it!


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