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Girls about town

29 May

Being married is all about staying at home and looking after the hubby, while life as a single girl puts Carrie Bradshaw’s tales to shame. WRONG. Our Wedded Miss isn’t ready to hang up her dancing shoes, and Miss Independent isn’t a maneater on the hunt for love. Here they look at why their stereotypes and attitudes to nights out couldn’t be further from these ideals.

Wedded Miss Says:

Back when I was a Miss Independent I loved a good night out on the razz! Getting glammed up, having a few vino’s with friends and heading out into town for a dance, possibly chatting up a few boys along the way and having the odd snog or more was exciting. Being a Wedded Miss I do still love a good night out with my friends although it is very different now and sometimes I wonder if I should still be out in the trendy bars, drinking and dancing my night away….

I love going out on a night out in town either with my hubby on a date night or with the girls on a mission to dance!  I love getting dressed up and feeling gorgeous, I love trying out new make up, styling my hair and spritzing on my wedding perfume to give me added confidence and happiness.  I love the process of getting ready!  I love seeing my girls, having a good old gossip and catch up and a few cheeky cocktails.  I love going to a late bar and dancing in a crazy fashion – one more bonus of being married, you really don’t care what other men think of you (and my husband has seen the crazy dancing on many occasions before he put that ring on my finger)!!

But what I do find uncomfortable nowadays is the ‘singles scene’.  I hate the idea of having to pretend to be interested in what random men have to say.  I don’t feel comfortable with the idea of chatting people up or being chatted up (harmless or not).  I feel like I had years of that and I found an amazing man and work hard at making our relationship so brilliant, I just don’t want to go out and have to waste precious girly gossip time chatting to people that are not important to me.

I also feel much older now, I feel out of place in the bars I used to go to. Don’t get me wrong I still get dressed up in short dresses and fake tan my pins but it is to make me feel good not to impress a bloke who isn’t my husband! It is a strange situation as my friends who are single aren’t out to pull a bloke and we will happily while the night away sipping cocktails and chatting without talking to anyone else.  It seems to me that just the fact that a few girls are out without a man is a red flag to a bull.  I have news for you blokes – girls are not out to pull, they are out to have fun!

Many of my married friends have chosen to get pregnant almost as soon as they got married and maybe this is the issue, men think that if you are married you are typically at home, nurturing your bump or feeding a crying child.  This is not something I am ready to do and maybe I never will be – I do not think that marriage equals children and I still want to go out and enjoy my life with my husband and my friends and my family without feeling that I am too old and too boring!

So I will continue to go out and have fun even though it is a bit different to when I was a Miss Independent, because I think being Wedding Miss doesn’t equal being Mrs Tied to the Kitchen Sink! See you at the bar Ladies!

Miss Independent says…

As Neyo once crooned so smoothly ‘Miss Independent, won’t you come and spend a little time’, but spending time on what exactly? Dolling myself up to the nines in the hope that a city boy w*nker of the year notices me? Or could it be spending time ignoring the guy that you like, in the hope that your ignorance makes him hornier than Mark Wright on heat?

Being a one woman band, I would rather dance to my own tune on a night out than put on a show for a group of single blokes. Don’t get me wrong, I do get a buzz from good banter and male attention, but I’d rather get it for the right reasons and not because my junk in the trunk caught their attention.

Looking back over my relationships, non were from meeting a bloke during a night on the Sambucas, and any one night stands (sorry Mum) soon gave me a sex hangover, which no amount of Fanta and crisps could ever cure.

Getting ready for a night on the razz is all about the girls for me, from glamming up, to guzzling champagne; no guy can ever replicate or steal that feeling away from you. But I agree with Wedded Miss that the singles scene has a lot of pressure, pitfalls and perverts. I’m all for acting like a lady, but sometimes I want to act like a man, as observing them during nights out is a wakeup call to the times when I do wish I would catch someone’s eye.

Blokes go out in gangs and aim to have a laugh; it’s never about obviously pulling, which is why many blokes attract women for all the right reasons. Granted, you do get some idiots who will try to pull anything that moves, but the old saying is true that you will never find something when you are looking for it.

I am a long way off being a Wedded Miss, so for now I shall enjoy my singledom and all of the hilarity which ensues along the way. But just as being married doesn’t equal being tied down to a dull social life, being single doesn’t mean you have to be out on the pull every weekend and be on the prowl for your next sexual victim. This Miss Independent does her own thing, and puts her girls before her guys any day of the week.

Carrie Bradshaw once said that she had found her 4 soul mates in her gang of girlies, and she didn’t have to down any Cosmo’s and sleep with them to achieve that; amen sister.


HD1 FUN: Hitched & Ditched land in London

20 May

Every girl loves a romantic weepy; whether you’re hitched and happy, or ditched and dreaming of that elusive Mr Right to enter stage left. So when Wedded Miss & Miss Independent won a VIP trip to see Ghost The Muscial, complete with a Nazila Nails make over and the chance to hop on stage at the end to meet the lead characters, we put down our pens, bagged our beauty must haves and hot footed it to the big smoke via trains, tubes and ten inch heels.

The bright lights of London’s West End

H&D entered a fabulous bloggers competition, put on by the amazing people at, erm, Amazing PR, which enabled 30 beauty bloggers and one lucky friend to attend a Friday night performance of Ghost, as well as getting a fabulous Nazila Love Glamour make over, goody bag and a cocktail courtesy of the fab people at Godminster.

Wedded Miss & Miss Independent enjoying a pre show cocktail

Upon arrival we were accompanied down to the American Airlines bar to sup on our cocktails, before taking a seat to receive a stunning Nazila Nail Glitz make over, which includes false nails decorated with jewels and minature treats; perfect for date night with the hubby or for waving that single lady hand proudly in the air.

Stunning Nazila Nails

After sampling the VIP life, we took our seats for the show in the sold out theatre. For those who have never seen Ghost then 1.WTF and 2. it is a touching love story first made famous by the ageless Demi Moore, and the late Patrick Swayze, where his life is tragically cut short after being shot on a night out. But what follows is an emotional journey to discover just why he was murdered and how true love never dies.  Hitched & Ditched were mesmerised after the first five minutes, as the acting, dancing, production, special effects and emotion came to life before our very eyes; our Wedded Miss had tears to rival her wedding day, and Miss Independent experienced chills during that iconic pottery wheel scene.

After the show we stayed in our seats, only to be whisked downstairs and taken on stage to have a group photo with the lead chracters, who put on a stunning performance for the wooed crowd. Hitched & Ditched had an amazing time and highly recommend this wonderful West End show, even if you aren’t the biggest fans of the film.

Hitched & Ditched needs YOU!

14 May

Only five months ago Hitched & Ditched was a distant dream, and now we are regular bloggers with a fabulous following of lovely ladies who enjoy reading our quirky views on all things married and single. Now we want to take things that one step further, by entering the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards 2012, and we need your help to get there.

So if you enjoy what we do and want to see us recognised for our passion, then please vote for us via the link below in the lifestyle category, or the sex & relationships one.

Many Thanks & much love


REVIEWED: Hen party package at The Owl House Spa, Derby

2 May

Our Miss Independent might be a long way off walking down the aisle, but that didn’t stop her sampling the relaxing delights on offer for hens at The Owl House Spa in Derby.

Twit Twoooo: Experience a day of pure pampering at The Owl House Spa

Relaxation is a dear friend of mine, but recently we have lost touch due to unsuitable men, disastrous dates and stressing over the perfect outfit to grab his attention; a day of blissful beauty was calling and I was more than happy to answer. Now I may be a million miles away from planning a hen party, but a girl can dream; some women plan their weddings without having a bloke so there is method behind my madness. With a huge range of spas available, it is all too easy to opt for the larger ones which boast steam rooms, salt baths and thermal pools, but I decided to ditch the wrinkled prune look and sample an alternative range of treatments in the stunning settings of rural Derbyshire.

The Owl House Spa opened in July 2011, and as soon as my un-manicured toes stepped through the cottage-esque doors I knew I was home. From the array of ‘Keep Calm And…’ signs, to the stack of cupcakes behind the coffee bar; my worries were left in the car and I couldn’t wait to get my clothes off and slip into something a little more comfortable; not the first time I have done so either.

Upon arrival I supped a delicious chocolate flake tea, and filled in a booklet which asked how I was feeling emotionally and physically; unfortunately ‘eternally ditched’ and ‘aching for some loving’ were not options, but the staff tailored my treatments according to the details divulged. Soon after it was time to don that bikini and hit the outdoor hot tub, complete with a glass of something pink and sparkly; I pretty much lived P Diddy’s lifestyle for half an hour and it suited me rather well.

Feeling a tad tipsy but 100% relaxed, it was time for my first treatment: Pig In Mud. My first thoughts involved me being hoisted out into the carpark, covered in nearby soil and then hosed down for everyone to see, but luckily the ladies at Owl House Spa adopt a softer approach. A bespoke mixture of mud and an essential oil, which is catered to your mood on the day, are mixed especially for you, which is then applied to the body as you enter the relaxing steam chamber. You then simple sit back for 20 minutes and let the mud cleanse your skin and revive your soul, before a warm tropical rain shower washes it all away. The chamber contains 2 seats, which is perfect for those hens after a clucking good time.

If that wasn’t relaxing enough, I was then whisked upstairs for my nourishing hair and scalp treatment, which I would highly recommend for the bride-to-be, as any wedding worries will be massaged away in an instant. After all those treatments it was time for afternoon tea, which included a variety of sandwiches, scones and mini cakes, as well as a drink of your choice; there was something quite naughty about eating cakes in my dressing gown, and the only thing missing was a topless waiter to feed them to me; a girl can dream…

From dating to being dumped, careers to cocktails, family to friends; life as a single woman in a modern world can be stressful, so taking time out to lounge around in your dressing gown, or hit the hot tub with some champers without looking like a Geordie Shore girl can be a hard ask, which is why I highly recommend The Owl House Spa to hens, friends, couples and all those single ladies looking to be pampered.

Miss Independent experienced the Hayloft Hens spa package for £50 per person, which includes one treatment. Afternoon tea was added at a £10 charge.

For more information and to book, please visit or telephone 01332 818 818