Miss Independent: Hiding that hangover

10 Jul


Rain’s lashing against your window, the duvet is your only friend, and the weekend hangover is still looming as the 6am wake up call alerts you to the horror of Monday morning; welcome to the harsh reality of many party girls, including our very own Miss Independent. But just what weapons are needed from your make up arsenal to go from hungover harlet to morning marvel?  Our Ditched darling reveals all…

After hitting the dance floor harder than Jodie Marsh in the weights section of the gym, and choosing neat Amaretto as my drink of choice, it is no wonder my skin is crying out for some serious hydration, stat. Luckily for me and my arrid face, the fabulous people at Benefit Cosmetics have heard my cries and come to the rescue with their Total Moisture Facial Cream.

Complete with mango butter and natural plant oils, this wonder cream immediately quenches the skin for a long lasting effect; much like that three day hangover I often struggle to shake.

£26.50 at Boots and www.benefitcosmetics.co.uk

With time never on your side when it comes to a Monday morning, applying a full face of make up to hide the weekends sins is never going to happen; it is more likely that I’ll hear back from my ‘one night thang’ than this occuring. So praise be to the gods of Soap & Glory for creating a 2 in 1 primer and foundation, aptly called ‘Show Good Face’, which creates a flawless finish to make that drunken night out a thing of the past; if only erasing the Facebook pictures was as simple…

£11 from www.soapandglory.com

Show Good Face™


Being a single girl about town; it’s my eyes that give it all away, so if I hit the pillow at 3am after a night of naughtiness, the whole world will know about it in the wink of a fake lashed eye. For this I like to use a mascara to add natural length and volume, coupled with another Benefit eye potion to cover up any weekend baggage.

DreamWeave mascara has been dubbed the ‘eyelash extension in a tube’ and the change at the bottom of my clutch bag covers the cost, at only £12 for 6ml.

£12 available at www.wrinkleregime.com


To cover the sins on display under my eyes, I choose Erase Paste from Benefit, which is dubbed as a brightening camouflage, and targets dark circles, discolouration and imperfections; if only the look of disapproval on my bosses face for lateness was as easy to cover up…

£19.50 House of Fraser


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