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Hitched & Ditched Ibiza Special

30 Sep


Ibiza. Island of sun, sea, sex, stupidly priced drinks and serious clubber dance moves. But does The White Isle only appeal to those who are single and up for it? Or can those who are head over heels still enjoy some fun in the sun? Our Wedded Miss and Miss Independent discuss their experiences…

Wedded Miss

I love going on holiday and I especially love going on holiday with my husband. We have an amazing time together, just chilling out, drinking, eating, listening to music, reading (me – actual books, Rich – The Sun) and swimming in the sea. The thing is Rich is my best friend and I actually enjoy spending time with him. Holidays are the only time that we can have a week with no one else to interrupt us! It’s a time to rest and recuperate and just be together.

We have had a holiday every year since we started dating, going to Barcelona, Spain, Italy, Portugal and last year we decided to go to Ibiza. My other half goes every year with his mates and absolutely loves it – he is into house and electro music and has a close group of mates who go away every year.

Now, I had no massive desire to visit the White Isle as I just thought I would hate the music and it would be a big party island filled with drunk, horny singletons.
How wrong I was! Although part of its appeal for a lot of people is the music, booze and getting laid, there was a lot more to this island than I first thought.

The weather was gorgeous, the island was gorgeous and the people were gorgeous too! I surprised myself by loving the music, the atmosphere, the people, the food, the variety and the chilled out vibe during the day.

Because we were a couple we were largely ignored by people selling cheap drinks and big nights, which was actually quite nice as I hate being hassled. We didn’t do huge nights but we watched the sunset at Mambos with SHM D-Jing, chilled out at Bay Bar, drank shots on San Antonio strip, danced at Space on Sunday and loved every minute of it.

It may not be the same as a weekend in Ibiza with your mates when you are single and ready to mingle but it was awesome all the same. I plan to experience the Island with the girls next year anyway so I get the best of both worlds! Lucky me!

Miss Independent

When my good friend Rachel mentioned the idea of a Bank Holiday trip to Ibiza, a few things ran through my mind; at 27 would I be too old to still mix with the young uns? Would I be appearing in an episode of Sun, Sea and A & E? Would 5 bikinis be enough for 4 days? But having always wanted to go, I whacked my credit card out and booked it faster than a guy usually leaves my bed after a one nighter.

This trip completely succeeded any of my expectations and blew every stereotype out of the clear blue water. As two single ladies, we didn’t book the trip with intentions of a Flintstone style bed rock every night; as I’ve always been in the mind set of any hook up just happening when you least expect it, but we appreciated the male species on show just as much as the beautiful Ibiza sunset.

We partied in Pacha until our feet missed the beat, hit the high seas in what can only be described as a boat party to rival The Inbetweeners, and experienced a taste of the high life at a ultra glam pool party. But would any of these things have been different if I had a partner back home? It’s hard to say, as the only time I pulled was when I went Down Under with an Aussie hunk as mentioned in the previous post, but the laughs and general good times wouldn’t have changed whether I were single, engaged, married or in a complicated open swingers relationship.

Ibiza is such a beautiful place, and how you choose to experience it is down to the type of person you are; being in a relationship shouldn’t really affect that, unless you are some sort of sex shark who dies without a quick fork every 4 hours. The way I see it, it really doesn’t matter if you visit a party island, go travelling round the world or have a weekend away; if you meet someone you meet someone, and if you are settled down then that won’t stop people entering your life.

I’ve never been the type to throw my knickers in the air and get with just anyone, so if I didn’t pull in Ibiza then my self esteem would still be intact, but I can see why people would prefer to fly solo and act out the lyrics to Sex on the Beach.

I’m already excited to go to Ibiza again next year with Wedded Miss and the rest of the girls; married, single, confused or heartbroken, Ibiza has something for every type of woman.


Go With The Flow

16 Sep


Fabulous outfit: check. Big back combed hair: check. False lashes: check. Too much make up: check. These essential items were always on Miss Independent’s list when heading out in the hope of meeting Mr Right. But now she’s decided to do some ditching of her own and just be herself when it comes to falling in love…

As the love crusader herself, Carrie Bradshaw, once said “Maybe it’s time to be clear about who I am. I am someone who is looking for love, real love, ridiculous, inconvenient, consuming, can’t live without each other love.’
While I fail to have C-Bradders walk in wardrobe, I do share her passion for love walking into my life when I least expect it, but for years I have gone about my search in completely the wrong way and have ended up blinded by my own false lashes.

People always say you should stick to what you know; that being me falling head over heels for my first boyfriend when I was just 16, back when I had bushy eyebrows, no style and a serious afro going on due to the non invention of GHD’s. But this gorgeous soul saw past what I thought was the most important element to a relationship, and he fell for me just as hard. We didn’t last more than 2 years, but what followed was me morphing in to someone from TOWIE, who thought that the more I portrayed myself as a Barbie doll who also had to hide how she really felt about someone she actually liked, would result in finding the most passionate of love affairs.

If we all look back at past relationships, we can see that we weren’t as happy as we probably first imagined, and lately I have been taking great comfort in that and seeing the end of the passion as a huge sign telling me that this guy just isn’t the one for me. If I am guilty of one thing when it comes to relationships, it would be getting carried away and assuming certain things are going to happen; resulting in my own upset when life goes with its own flow and things just work out the way they are supposed to.

Gone are the days where I beat myself up for telling a guy I want him as my boyfriend, when he fought to be with me, only for him to have a shit fit and freak out over that one word. Gone are the days I cry tears over a guy who was super sweet to my face, but decided to bad mouth me and paint me as a lady of the night to his friends, and gone are the days of pining after someone who only ever wants you on their terms, and only ever for sexual reasons. At 27 I am no longer ashamed to say I am looking for a passionate, fun and meaningful relationship; does that mean I am wanting to get married and settle down with 4 kids? No. It simply means I refuse to settle for anything less than intense, and the more inconvenient the better.

This new found attitude was born in Ibiza of all places; while many would be banging left right and centre while chewing their own faces off from a night full of pills, I found myself having an actual dream come true, and what followed was something even Ms Bradshaw couldn’t conjure up. There I was, dancing like a loon with my hair looking like slick Rick, when a cute guy comes over to me and says “where you guys from?” and when I bounced the question back to him he says “Australia.” Now, only days before, my friend Rachel had asked what my dream guy would be like on The White Isle, and I had said an Aussie. So while I raised my hands to the heavens to enjoy the dance tunes, I quietly said thank you and had a permanent smile plastered across my face.

What followed was a night of dancing, drinking, snogging and… Well you know the rest. But what followed after we parted was non stop texting, and him coming to see me for the weekend as part of his European travels.

This guy has changed the way I see myself and the way I look at love in general, as he liked what he saw when I was 100% just being myself; gone are the days of wearing bodycon dresses and dancing like a Pussycat Doll to get his attention. I am hopeful we keep in touch, but I am also in the mind set now that if things are meant to be with anyone then they will just flow naturally.

So to all those single girls out there who copy a glamour girls style in order to bag that dream man; I’ve been there, done that, but would much rather meet Mr Right while slobbing around in my favourite t-shirt.