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A Very Couples Christmas

26 Dec


For me, Christmas time has always been about proper family time. I am not religious so it is essentially a day to get presents, eat, drink and be merry!

When I was young, me, Mum, Dad and my sister Sara would all go to Christmas eve parties at friends of the family then be together all day Christmas Day, opening presents, eating, going for our traditional walk to my best friends house then home for games and more food!

Basically I have never spent a Christmas away from my family and since we lost Mum Christmas has been harder, more emotional and for a few years quite shit for all of us.

I met Rich 5 Christmas’s ago and it was still a difficult time of year for us as a family, so me, dad and Sara all tried to stick to together and have just a nice time; we went away and tried to form new traditions which helped.

But it’s different when you are with someone and especially when you get married, that person is who you want to be with on Christmas day. You want to form new traditions as a family, but also incorporate both of your traditions into one day and try to make it all go smoothly!

Of course there are 2 sets of parents to please as well….we are both very family orientated at Christmas and so this makes it even more complicated! I feel like whatever we do someone won’t be happy or will be missing out on something. There is guilt at every turn!

Despite the difficulties and emotions that Christmas time inevitably brings, since I have met and spent Christmas days with Rich, my love for the festive season has returned and I can appreciate my time and traditions with family – both mine and Rich’s.

I feel so unbelievably lucky to have 2 families that I love and love me. So whether you are single or coupled up this festive season just remember – it could be worse! Take the time to enjoy stuffing your face with turkey, having a day off work, staying in your onesie all day and playing with all the new things you get!

Raise a glass to lost loved ones and hug your nearest and dearest, even if they do drive you to the brink of sanity sometimes!

Merry Christmas and a very thankful New Year to us all!

Love Lauren aka Hitched