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WIN! A fabulous beauty goody bag

7 Jan


If you’re anything like us, your faces are arid from the harsh cold, you struggle to rise from your pit as 7am still resembles 3am, and the last time you truly pampered yourself was back in 2012; yikes. But never fear ladies, as we have conjured together a fabulous goody bag full of lush products to leave you feeling hotter than that Joey Branning bloke from Eastenders on a Summer’s day.

But what can I win? We hear you cry….

The Hitched & Ditched winter damage control kit includes *drum roll please*

2 Miners cheek tints
Kitoko hair cleanser and balm sachet
Spa Strength Within Beauty Supplements
Squeezed Lemon Face Mask
Philip Kingsley Elasticizer hair treatment
Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Moisturiser
Right Guard Xtreme Dry deo
No More White Bits self tan mousse
Dead Sea Spa salt brushing sachet
Soap and Glory hand food cream
Susan Posnick mineral foundation
Boots Almond Body Butter
Victoria Beckham body lotion
Lily Lolo south beach bronzer
Miners plum lipstick
Mini Benefit eye potion
Nazila Love Glamour luxurious lashes
St Tropez everyday dark moisturiser
Anatomicals eye mask
Refreshers lip balm

WOW! So how do you win these beauty-luscious things? Simply drop us a line with the subject ‘Beauty Bag’ telling us why you deserve it, along with your contact details, to

Good Luck ladies!

one entry per person. Competition ends Sunday 13th January


Happy New Year: Things to be thankful for from 2012

3 Jan


Like many folk, we reminisce at this time of year at things, people, places and experiences gone by. Our little blog is less than a year old, but as it approaches it’s 1st birthday Wedded Miss and Miss Independent look back on a fabulous year and pin point their top three moments of 2012.

Miss Independent aka Ditched

1. Being shortlisted by Cosmopolitan Magazine & attending the blog awards

As an aspiring writer (I don’t see myself as a proper writer until I bag a paid gig!) I have always wanted to gain recognition for something created from my own big bouffanted mind. Me and Lauren started the blog for a girly giggle back in January 2012, but since then we have gained a decent following and created something which is unique to the blogging world. We decided to enter the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards, and as with anything; you never really think you will make it! But to our sheer delight the Cosmo team liked what they saw, and chose us to go through to the final stages of the sex and relationship category, which also meant attending the glam ceremony in the heart of London. We may not have won, but we were privileged to be recognised by one of the biggest magazines in the world; we rock!

2. Fell in love with boxing

This year I was lucky enough to attend the Carl Froch vs Lucian Bute fight in Nottingham, and I immediately fell in love with the sport all over again. I remember watching bouts as a youngster with my Dad and brother, but never thought I would enjoy seeing it live; boy oh boy was I wrong! The atmosphere was electric, and although the crowd can be a little intimidating, it is all in the name of boxing, and it wasn’t long before I was joining in the choruses of ‘we are Nottingham!’ I also had the pleasure of meeting Carl Froch after the fight, and also attending his celebration party a few weeks after. My passion for the sport also saw me attend a couple of boxing sessions myself, which is something I aim to pick up again in 2013.

3. Feeling the fear and doing it anyway

I’ve always been a worrier; what if this and what if that, and anxiety plays a huge part in my life even aged 28, which can make the simple things that little bit harder. So looking back on all I have done in 2012; going on a regular placement in London on my own, taking (and failing!) 4 driving tests but just carrying on and laughing about it, applying for numerous jobs and attending scary interviews, going to events on behalf of publications and blagging/ blogging my way through the year are all massive achievements for me. In 2013 I aim to manage my anxiety much better, while still being true to myself and accepting that things might not be perfect all of the time, but there’s plenty of fun to be had!

Wedded Miss aka Hitched

1. Found a career that I love

I have never done a job that I have properly enjoyed or found interesting enough to hold my attention for very long.
Earlier in the year I was in and out of temporary administration jobs which I detested and found utterly boring. I wanted something interesting, something that was a challenge for me but not emotionally draining like my previous career in social care.
Finding Flutter (mobile semi permanent eyelash franchise) has been the best thing that has happened to me, I’m passionate about my business and my career again, I love being independent, making people feel beautiful and meeting amazing new people everyday!
Kathryn, who set up Flutter, has been an inspiration to me and I feel so thankful that I met her and that she has trusted me with this venture.
I’m not going to deny that it has been a difficult and challenging few months, but I’ve learnt so much, grown a lot and felt my self confidence returning slowly but surely. And that is more than I ever thought I’d gain at this age and stage in my life.

2. Was a bridesmaid for one of my best friends…..

I’ve always wanted to be a bridesmaid, I think it’s such an honour to be asked and trusted with such an important thing. So helping Claire plan her hen do and being part of her wedding day was amazing for me. I loved everything about it and I’ve gained a new, very good friend in Michelle, her other bridesmaid!
Making Claire feel special was so important this year and going on her hen do was fantastic fun. But seeing her get married to Phil and being part of making that day a happy one has made me feel so lucky.
Having been a bride the previous year, I understood a lot of the issues she faced, the emotions she felt and the tricky decisions you have to make. It was lovely to be able to impart a little bit of my otherwise pointless knowledge and feel like I’d maybe helped her stay mildly sane in some small way! Let’s hope so anyway.
It was an amazing day and I hope that she knows how grateful I am for letting me be part of that.

3. Celebrated my 1st wedding anniversary….

I wasn’t pregnant, I hadn’t just had a baby, I got to properly celebrate my 1st anniversary! We went back to Harts (our wedding venue), had an amazing meal, had a few drinks and reminisced about our fabulous wedding day a whole year ago. It was just brilliant.
I cried more on my anniversary than my actual wedding day, I’m not sure why, I think I was just pretty emotional that we’d made it to a year and we were happier than ever – it was a pretty awesome feeling!

Overwhelmingly, my feeling from 2012 is how very lucky I am, and how very happy I have been. It hasn’t always been like this and I am especially grateful to my husband and his never ending patience, support and love. Soppy as it may be, it is a fact. #factsof2012.

Also big thanks to my little sister for the comedy and the laughs. #neverforgetcharades2012. You are an actual star.

Love to you all and may 2013 bring rays of sunshine into your life.