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Knockout Nookie: is sex better if we wait?

29 May

Super hard boxing bloke Carl Froch has bursted (literally) after revealing he went three whole months without sex before his latest fight, but can we mere mortals relate?
Remember the feeling of longing for your other half to return back from his ‘lads on tour’ holiday? Wanting to go for a horizontal jog, and praying that he hasn’t already with a random from a hen party? Now that may only have been one little week, but does going without sex ignite the passion or just piss you both off? Here H & D get under the covers…


Carl Froch and his insanely gorgeous girlfriend Rachael Cordingley had a three month sex ban in place, and even slept in separate beds while Froch was training for the biggest fight of his career. Now many fellas only really get fist happy with those pub punch machines, so placing a sex ban in everyday life is pretty unlikely, but does sexual absence really make the down below heart throb stronger?

Carl admitted “when it finally happened it was like our first time- like falling in love all over again, so of course there were fireworks in the bedroom.” And this was three months of no access to the pants party; three months! Our Ditched is currently on a personal sex ban, in fact it’s been so long since she’s done it, she’s now wondering if bits and pieces still go in the same place…

Hitched & Ditched think that if your partner is away a lot on work, or has been ill for a while, then when you do finally get down to business again it can feel like that steamy car scene in Titanic. But if your other half is delaying the down and dirty just to be a bit of a cock, or simply because Match of The Day over ran, then your sex life may have the passion of Ken and Deirdre from Corrie.

For us its all about the passion, so if you do feel that pure intensity and lust, then why not try to go without sex for a week and see if that builds up to an erotic eruption. But in the meantime, why not have a read of our top five list of things that are worth waiting for. Enjoy!

1. Leaving the ice cream out of the freezer for ten minutes before you dig in: no one likes spoon rage
2. Waiting at least an hour before you reply to his text: he’ll never know you were watching Paul O’Grady’s Dogs in your onesie
3. Not buying that killer jacket, then going back a week later to see it’s on sale: kerrrrrching
4. Watching your fave TV show on Sky Plus, with no one else around: finally, Glee without being judged!
5. Waiting for the right man: not Mr Right now, not Mr right he’ll do, and not Mark Wright (unfortunately)

Love Lauren aka Hitched & Kelly aka Ditched


Hitched & Ditched hit the airwaves!

5 May

A while back our very own Ditched, aka Miss Independent, appeared on student radio show Exposure FM, to give her advice on all things relationship. Have a listen below and let us know what you think!

Listen here