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No Year’s Resolutions

1 Jan


Oh hello blogging… I seem to have neglected you somewhat for, erm, nearly a year!

As you may know, I previously ran this blog with my amazing friend Lauren (aka Hitched), but as she is a badass bastard and her business has taken off, she can no longer commit to being part of the best relationship duo since Kayne and Kayne. So, rather than changing the blog name to ‘Ditched & Ditched’ (life hasn’t become that tragic yet), I will be setting up a new blog purely full of my ramblings, but until then I am returning to the very blog that set it all off to talk about something which everyone must have been asked about either today or in the last few days:

“So, have you got any New Year’s resolutions?”

EUGH! Each time I hear those words fall out of someone’s mouth, it makes me want to hoover them back up then gather the dust in my hands and poof it back in the moronic face which it fell out of. I mean what is it about a new year that makes everyone turn into an exercise mad- eat clean train dirty- be more positive – make everyday count idiot? Like when did this even start happening? Or has it always been around and my immunity to the bullshit has now worn off?

Now there is nothing wrong what so ever with wanting to change things in life, after all, we can be here for a long ass time so living the same years over and over is like getting the train to London and expecting to end up in Manchester #aintevergonnahappen. But my issue comes from people using a new year as some sort of catalyst to kick start something which they don’t actually want to do. But hey, I’ve been guilty of it millions of times, and that’s why I’m ranting now.

I remember once writing down a list of things that I would change and achieve in January; yes January… not throughout the year, oh no no no, I assumed I could turn myself in to some sort of gym mad, healthy eating, creative, dating machine within a few weeks. Yes my friends, the wheels fell off and before I knew it I was back to my old ways of doing what I’ve always done and hating myself for not being this perfectly boxed human being who sorted shit out as soon as 2013 became 2014.

The top five resolutions from last year were:
1. Lose weight
2. Be more organised
3. Spend less, save more
4. Enjoy life to the fullest (or YOLO as the kids say)
5. Stay fit and healthy

These are pretty common and I bet a lot of you are wanting to do these, right? But that’s just it, it’s about doing them right and not going full pelt so that you end up burning out and beating yourself up before the Christmas tree comes down. The key to remaining fairly in control with your goals is being realistic – you may very well have the same hours in your day as Beyoncé, but she doesn’t have to sit in epic traffic that may make her miss a zumba session, or have to spend money fixing her blue tic tac of a car during the winter months. What I’m saying is that sometimes life gets in the way of your goals, and perfection is something that nobody will ever reach easily, if at all!

This is why I am saying no to New Year’s resolutions, and yes to slowly reaching my goals day after day. Hey, I’m already one step closer to getting back to blogging simply by writing this here post…

Things I want to do and achieve this year range from changing my diet to improve my health, doing regular exercise which I enjoy, writing and blogging more, visiting more places, and yes one from the list above – appreciating things more and being in the moment. But these are things which will take time and things which are personal to me. E.G – if you find yourself going to the gym with huge determination to get that killer body, but leave feeling defeated and like it’s hopeless, then you need to step back and look at what your goals are. Just because the toned girl in the men’s weight area looks amazing and could probably bench press your boyfriend, doesn’t mean that she walked in that day and turned into a confident biatch; things take time – just think of yourself as a lovely bit of dough in The Great British Bake Off proving drawer- you need time to rise so you can shine 🙂

So, let me raise a New Year’s Day toast and say… The reality is that everyone fails: everyone, and we are so scared of failing that sometimes we don’t even try. But the beauty of life is that there are thousands of ways to do things, and sometimes you stumble across the beautiful way of achieving what you want to do.

Thanks for reading and keep those eyes peeled for my brand spanking new blog coming soon!