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Stepping into Spring: Hitcheds’ perfect date night look 

7 Apr

As blossom slowly flutters to our feet and pretty pastel shades are here, there and everywhere, it’s the perfect time to create a cute yet sexy outfit for your date night, as Hitched perfects below.

Back when it was dark and grey the SS15 catwalk looks promised us patchworks of vintage prints, bursts of sugary colours in a well assessed balance of prettiness and polish.

With a date night meal planned with Nik and the weather feeling positively like Spring like I decided to put together a Spring date night look – high street style! 

My gorgeous spring date look

Top: Forever21+ bodysuit £9 wearing a 1X

I like the neat, tucked in look when wearing a pencil skirt. The material of this bodysuit is thick – making it perfect for the still chilly spring evenings. Long sleeves also help with self-conscious arm folk like myself.

Shoes: Primark £9 wearing a size 4

In love with the pastel blue colour of these shoes and they cost less than a tenner. The heel height is reasonable meaning I can walk confidently. This prevents the husband shoe moan… 

“Why wear shoes you can’t walk in?” 

“Because they are pretty… dur” 

Feeling flirty in my floral print!

Skirt: New Look £17.99 wearing a size 14

I love a pencil skirt dressed up or down and this one had lots of positive factors; the material (thick and stiff) and the pansy pattern were the main too. 

Pretty in pink with the perfect clutch

Clutch bag: Primark £6 

Big enough to hold everything and pretty. A cheap looking chain does come attached but this can be hidden inside the bag. 


My extensions are currently a work in progress, so hair up was a must. Worn with a braid to the side and a messy bun. 


Hair in progress.. rollers a must!



Sometimes I favourite the groupie rock band look – dark lips and backcombed hair, but for this look I went pretty and pink. Contouring a base with the Sleek contouring kit (light). Eyes bare with Benefit Roller Lash mascara on my lashes, heavy blush and pink lips. 


Mastered the contour with Sleek MakeUP



Are you embracing spring in your wardrobe yet? Pastel shades yay or nah – let us know in the comment or tweet us @hitchednditched 🙂

Love Sam aka Hitched xxx


Marriage, bed and me – habits of a wedded couple

19 Mar

The Dream

When you are single you dream of cuddles, snuggles and breakfast in bed. Something a little like this…


But let me tell you my reality is very different and this post will explain that. I’m not suggesting this is how all married couples sleep but if you go to bed with snuggles every night I hate you!

The Reality

Nik and I rarely go to bed together – I would say 1 out of the 7 nights in a week we go to bed together.  I love sleep and if I’m tired at 9pm I will go to bed – I will never fight to stay awake. But Nik on the other hand is more than happy to stay up until 3am (on a school night!) playing Fifa!

Is it selfish that I like it this way?

I have a particular bed time routine that I like to stick too, this is not an OCD, no matter what Nik says. Part of this routine includes falling asleep by sunset to the sound of a thunderstorm. Thanks to my Lumie SAD lamp and my favourite app, Rain Rain. I also get to spread out in the star position if I like. It has been known my poor husband has had to had to get out of bed and move to the otherside in the middle of the night. Just last week I woke up to find him sleeping by my feet – top and tail style. What a lucky guy.

I am also a BIG fan of the Sudo cream facemask. If you don’t know what this is please let me explain. A little while ago I read in a magazine that Cheryl (Fernandez-Versini) did this as part of her skincare routine, I tried it once and I was hooked. Basically you get the famous bum cream and smoother your face, go to sleep and let in soak in overnight. This means you go to bed looking like this…

sam blog

TIP – You don’t need to go this thick – this was just for the purpose of the photo!

I am also a fan of an Elizabeth Arden overnight soak. Do you get the idea my skin care routine is lazy! This is also another sticky, overnight process; meaning late night passions are a big no no here!

So what does going to bed separately mean, if anything?

When we go to bed together it is really not that special, you do not have to have sex at bedtime and I’m usually annoyed that I don’t that have the whole bed to myself. So is our relationship doomed if we don’t have the perfect bedtime routine?

The perfect bedtime routine does not exist. At the beginning of a new relationship you attempt this… but it fails. Need I saw anymore https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bbrG0VIFcD8

Sleep impacts your mood and wellbeing right, so why sacrifice it! Some couples sleep in separate rooms and if that’s what works for you fine, I don’t think it means your relationship is doomed.


Has 50 Shades of Grey changed our sex lives?

16 Mar

Has the most talked about book and film in years really changed the way we talk about sex and upped the ante in the bedroom stakes? Hitched & Ditched give their opinion

Hitched says…

I have to admit I’m a little behind the times on the 50 Shades phenomenon, back in 2011 when the first of three books was published you couldn’t go a day without hearing about Mr Grey (and feels like we haven’t since!). The EL James novel smashed records and become the fastest selling book in history! It was everywhere. But I love reading and the reviews that slated the writing put me off, so I just carried on living my life. 

Then the film rights were secured, the cast announced and I felt a little behind the times. At the end of last year (2014) I read the first book. And what did I think? It was ok… yes the writing was a little wishy washy, but I’m a sucker for a love story. 

Did it change my life? No. 

The Film 

Six days after the UK release I went to watch the film with a group of 17 female colleagues. We were a mixed aged group, with mixed reviews of the film. I found the film to be pretty much the same as the book. It was a little cringe worthy with the lip biting scenes especially bad. 

Yes you got the usual book to film comments –with missed scenes and the characters not as you expected, but whilst reading your imagination creates the scenes and characters into your own personal movie. Your imagination uses your experiences and fantasises creating your own adaptation – it was always going to be hard for this hard to live up to your imagination. 

Some of the more negative reviews complained the movie was ‘tame’. But what did people expect? It is still a film – not a porno. When reading your imagination goes into overtime and what you read and felt could never be shown by Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan.

Many of my fellow film watchers rated the ending of the film pretty poor (don’t worry if you’re reading this and more behind the times than me, I promise I won’t ruin anything) but I thought the film ending was the perfect duff duff cliff-hanger. 

But I now have to see the sequel and am even considering reading the second and third book. For me it’s not about the sex scenes or even really about the love story – I just need to find out how the bloody story ends! 

Relationship Improvements

Ok I’ll admit 50 Shades of Grey didn’t rock my world – but the book has dramatically changed the relationships and the way we talk about sex.

These books have been known to save relationships – I mean that is pretty incredible. For some couples the books have turned into training manuals, acting out scenes in the bedroom have encourage them to fall back in love and lust. If reading these books get couples taking about what they want and shows the date nights don’t have to be boring that’s a good thing in my book (see what I did there!)

And 50 Shades has brought us more than improved sex lives – you can wash your clothes just like Mr Grey using 50 Shades of Surf, drink cocktails in Chiquitos and drink 50 Shades of wine… well they do say sex sells!  

Sam xxx

Ditched says….

As good old Ri-Ri once sang “sticks and stones may break my bones, but whips and chains excite me” so why is everyone getting their nipple clamps in a twist and jumping on the 50 Shades of Grey band wagon? (Uh oh, I fall in to that bracket with this blog post #guilty) 

It’s been a month since the film was released and gaggles of women flocked to the cinema with their gal pals to see if the most talked about erotic fiction book of recent times actually hit the spot. Now I have a small confession to make; even though I am quite a flirtatious and sexual being, I have not read a single page of the 50 Shades book and therefore haven’t gotten all frothy at the thought of the film.

I remember when the book was first released, but I just didn’t want to be one of those women clutching it like a copy of Cosmo and wanting people to give me attention; OHHHHHHHH look at her, bet her sex life is filthy if she reads that!  Nah, you’re alright love… I’ll stick to reading The Secret and trying to sort my life out with positive quotes about karma and the law of attraction.

Even though I haven’t read the book or seen the film, I am fully aware of what happens and some of the more graphic sexual encounters (or extra rude bits as mother would say) funnily enough my own mother has given me the three 50 Shades offerings, either because she’s worn them out or she senses it’s been a while and I need to get some excitement in my life…

So has 50 Shades changed the way we get it on and has it opened our minds as much as our legs? I’m unsure, I mean you’re either in to a bit of bondage or you’re not; I highly doubt flicking through a few pages of badly written erotica (lots of people have said it’s piss poor…) is going to have you flicking your bean over trying it for yourself.

Although I can imagine that some couples may try it out with pure comedic effect; you know those couples who have probably been together about 2 years, do the weekly shop at the exact same time each week, barely speak over dinner and are probably only together to save on rent… They may hot foot it to the local Cineworld and before you know it one of them is chained to a radiator being spanked with a copy of the Radio Times…

I’ve often thought about writing my own erotic fiction, but I think it would have more of a realistic element, probably featuring things that actually happen during sex, such as fanny farts, his piece popping out half way through, and what to do if he does an American Pie and gets excited way too soon.

I think that sex can be as fun or as routine as you want it to be, and we are all too easily swayed by what other people are doing. Do you really think that couple from work tie each other up with silk scarves every evening and have amazing orgasms at exactly the same time? Come on; or should that be cum on. Be as adventurous or as safe as you like, but you don’t have to rely on on a hyped up book or film to give your bedroom antics a boost.  

Kelly xxx

Happy Birthday Hitched!

17 Feb


Hey guys! Muchios apologies for not posting anything since 2000 and late, but we have been very busy ladies; what with Hitched becoming a lash extension artist, and Ditched eating ten tubs of ice cream to get over yet another Valentines Day alone.

But we want to take five minutes out to say a huge HAPPY 30th BIRTHDAY to our very own Wedded Miss; here’s wishing you a fabulous day and many more blogging memories to come; now where’s that champagne?


A Very Couples Christmas

26 Dec


For me, Christmas time has always been about proper family time. I am not religious so it is essentially a day to get presents, eat, drink and be merry!

When I was young, me, Mum, Dad and my sister Sara would all go to Christmas eve parties at friends of the family then be together all day Christmas Day, opening presents, eating, going for our traditional walk to my best friends house then home for games and more food!

Basically I have never spent a Christmas away from my family and since we lost Mum Christmas has been harder, more emotional and for a few years quite shit for all of us.

I met Rich 5 Christmas’s ago and it was still a difficult time of year for us as a family, so me, dad and Sara all tried to stick to together and have just a nice time; we went away and tried to form new traditions which helped.

But it’s different when you are with someone and especially when you get married, that person is who you want to be with on Christmas day. You want to form new traditions as a family, but also incorporate both of your traditions into one day and try to make it all go smoothly!

Of course there are 2 sets of parents to please as well….we are both very family orientated at Christmas and so this makes it even more complicated! I feel like whatever we do someone won’t be happy or will be missing out on something. There is guilt at every turn!

Despite the difficulties and emotions that Christmas time inevitably brings, since I have met and spent Christmas days with Rich, my love for the festive season has returned and I can appreciate my time and traditions with family – both mine and Rich’s.

I feel so unbelievably lucky to have 2 families that I love and love me. So whether you are single or coupled up this festive season just remember – it could be worse! Take the time to enjoy stuffing your face with turkey, having a day off work, staying in your onesie all day and playing with all the new things you get!

Raise a glass to lost loved ones and hug your nearest and dearest, even if they do drive you to the brink of sanity sometimes!

Merry Christmas and a very thankful New Year to us all!

Love Lauren aka Hitched

Hitched & Ditched Ibiza Special

30 Sep


Ibiza. Island of sun, sea, sex, stupidly priced drinks and serious clubber dance moves. But does The White Isle only appeal to those who are single and up for it? Or can those who are head over heels still enjoy some fun in the sun? Our Wedded Miss and Miss Independent discuss their experiences…

Wedded Miss

I love going on holiday and I especially love going on holiday with my husband. We have an amazing time together, just chilling out, drinking, eating, listening to music, reading (me – actual books, Rich – The Sun) and swimming in the sea. The thing is Rich is my best friend and I actually enjoy spending time with him. Holidays are the only time that we can have a week with no one else to interrupt us! It’s a time to rest and recuperate and just be together.

We have had a holiday every year since we started dating, going to Barcelona, Spain, Italy, Portugal and last year we decided to go to Ibiza. My other half goes every year with his mates and absolutely loves it – he is into house and electro music and has a close group of mates who go away every year.

Now, I had no massive desire to visit the White Isle as I just thought I would hate the music and it would be a big party island filled with drunk, horny singletons.
How wrong I was! Although part of its appeal for a lot of people is the music, booze and getting laid, there was a lot more to this island than I first thought.

The weather was gorgeous, the island was gorgeous and the people were gorgeous too! I surprised myself by loving the music, the atmosphere, the people, the food, the variety and the chilled out vibe during the day.

Because we were a couple we were largely ignored by people selling cheap drinks and big nights, which was actually quite nice as I hate being hassled. We didn’t do huge nights but we watched the sunset at Mambos with SHM D-Jing, chilled out at Bay Bar, drank shots on San Antonio strip, danced at Space on Sunday and loved every minute of it.

It may not be the same as a weekend in Ibiza with your mates when you are single and ready to mingle but it was awesome all the same. I plan to experience the Island with the girls next year anyway so I get the best of both worlds! Lucky me!

Miss Independent

When my good friend Rachel mentioned the idea of a Bank Holiday trip to Ibiza, a few things ran through my mind; at 27 would I be too old to still mix with the young uns? Would I be appearing in an episode of Sun, Sea and A & E? Would 5 bikinis be enough for 4 days? But having always wanted to go, I whacked my credit card out and booked it faster than a guy usually leaves my bed after a one nighter.

This trip completely succeeded any of my expectations and blew every stereotype out of the clear blue water. As two single ladies, we didn’t book the trip with intentions of a Flintstone style bed rock every night; as I’ve always been in the mind set of any hook up just happening when you least expect it, but we appreciated the male species on show just as much as the beautiful Ibiza sunset.

We partied in Pacha until our feet missed the beat, hit the high seas in what can only be described as a boat party to rival The Inbetweeners, and experienced a taste of the high life at a ultra glam pool party. But would any of these things have been different if I had a partner back home? It’s hard to say, as the only time I pulled was when I went Down Under with an Aussie hunk as mentioned in the previous post, but the laughs and general good times wouldn’t have changed whether I were single, engaged, married or in a complicated open swingers relationship.

Ibiza is such a beautiful place, and how you choose to experience it is down to the type of person you are; being in a relationship shouldn’t really affect that, unless you are some sort of sex shark who dies without a quick fork every 4 hours. The way I see it, it really doesn’t matter if you visit a party island, go travelling round the world or have a weekend away; if you meet someone you meet someone, and if you are settled down then that won’t stop people entering your life.

I’ve never been the type to throw my knickers in the air and get with just anyone, so if I didn’t pull in Ibiza then my self esteem would still be intact, but I can see why people would prefer to fly solo and act out the lyrics to Sex on the Beach.

I’m already excited to go to Ibiza again next year with Wedded Miss and the rest of the girls; married, single, confused or heartbroken, Ibiza has something for every type of woman.

Tw*t-light: Is cheating really worth it?

26 Jul


H & D have witnessed some shocking things in our time; from Miss Independent being dumped by text and refusing to get dressed for days, to Wedded Miss taking 3 taxis home after a night out due to her allergic reaction to a good time. But when the gossip courier pigeon dropped the bomb that Kristen Stewart had done the dirty on one of the world’s hottest man candy, we thought a stray bit of mascara had caused us to misread such information. So what is it about this cheating lark, and why do people who seem to have it all still risk everything for a bit of behind the scenes nookie?

Miss Independent says:

Trust. Honesty. Respect and love. These four elements are the building blocks for any relationship, but all it takes is for one member of ‘team relationship’ to remove that wobbly Jenga piece by cheating, and the once solid tower is left broken on the floor.

As regular human beings, we thrive off of knowing the ins and outs of every celeb relationship; why did it end, who ended it, was anyone else involved? And most of the time it is because we want to see why these immortal A listers failed at something which should be as perfect for them as they make it seem on screen.

When I first heard about the alleged rumours of Kristen’s wicked ways, I thought it was nothing more than idle tabloid gossip, which would do nothing more than line my fish and chip supper. But to read a statement from the Scarlett woman herself, admitting to her ‘momentary indiscretion’ I had to ask why? Not because Robert Pattinson is one of the most sought after men on the planet, but why have such a meaningless fling and break something which clearly meant so much to you.

I believe that some people do have addictive personalities, and that the thrill of short lived things keeps them going, but was Kristen really one of these characters, or did she make a mistake as a 22 year old woman who got caught up in a world which doesn’t seem real at times? Either way, reports of Rob P being devastated have hit headlines across the globe, as well as snippets from interviews with him saying ‘I just don’t understand people who cheat.’

This single lady fully agrees with his admission, and could never imagine being intimate and giving herself to more than one person. The guilt would consume me and if I am honest, I struggle to find one bloke that ticks every box, so having two would be near enough impossible!

I hold my hands up to the odd text flirting in my younger days with guys who have girlfriends, but I would never go as far as meeting them or actually having an affair myself. But back then my view was ‘i’m the single one here so I’m not doing anything wrong.’ which is of course naive and not an acceptable excuse. But to actually break a long term relationship just to get some thrills on the side baffles me; if you are that unhappy then leave, do not have someone adoring you at home when you just want to exit because things have become a little stale.

Kristen and Robert have always maintained a private relationship, but it has exploded in the most public way, and would she really have been as apologetic if she wasn’t in the public eye; we will never know and they are entitled to their privacy during such a horrible time for any couple- famous or not.

When the perfect man saunters into my life, I would never do anything to break that bond, and the thought of someone so close to me losing all respect is possibly the worse thing to happen; that or your folks saying ‘I’m not mad, just disappointed.’

I agree with Wedded Miss; life is short, but your actions do matter, and in the end it all comes down to that one special person. So are they ever really worth losing over a drunken snog or heart racing affair?

One thing’s for sure…. The promo for the next Twilight film will be a tad #awkward

Wedded Miss Says:

Now I’m not a Twilight fan so I don’t understand the whole R-Patz, K-Stew appeal but the news that she had a fling with an older, married man with 2 children is pretty much all over the internet so I couldn’t really miss it now could I?!

Cheating. It’s such a big, complex subject but it is one that everybody has an opinion on. I, like R-Patz himself, have always had quite a black and white view of cheating – that it is wrong and I wouldn’t tolerate it and I didn’t understand people who did it.

This hasn’t changed now I am a married lady but I have become more understanding of the complexity of unfaithfulness.

From my life experience and a very scientific study in this field (otherwise known as dating) I believe that there are 2 categories into which cheaters fall: the first is people who cheat because they can, they are bored, they want to and have no self respect (lets be honest most of us have come across these arrogant b*****ds). Then there are others for whom a relationship has deteriorated in such a serious way they want a connection with someone but for one reason or another cannot leave the relationship, maybe they have children or their partner is ill.

Being married does make the issue of cheating quite poignant as I have always felt it would be a deal breaker for me and my husband, whoever was doing the cheating, but we have always been very open and honest about what we expect and how it might affect us if it did happen. This is obviously private and I wholeheartedly believe that it is the choice of the couple how they deal with their own situation.

However the idea that another woman would cheat with someone who is married, living together or has children sickens me. I think it is incredibly naïve of K-Stew to ‘only just realise he has children’ at this late stage. To me all these choices you make with someone are huge and life changing and for my husband or an outsider to treat that as if it means nothing is the ultimate betrayal and act of disrespect. How can you ever feel the same about the person you married?

Relationships are far from easy but this is not an excuse for infidelity! I refuse to believe that there are not ways to sort relationships out before you throw it away over a bit of lustful sex. People give up and give in too easily but the real happiness in life, marriage, careers, children, friendships, family – they take work and effort and sometimes mean doing things for the benefit of the whole rather than just yourself. Otherwise why bother being with someone? It isn’t a crime to be single, either leave or act like a grown up who has responsibilities.

Despite my strong feelings on this subject I do believe that people have the right to privacy and to do what is right for their relationship/marriage whatever I think would be right for me. But just remember this – love is precious, life is short and the way you treat people matters.