Meet Hitched

Hi, I’m Sam – the new Hitched! I’ve got a big pair of heels to fill and hope you enjoy my posts on married life. Almost 4 years have passed since I said “I do” and I planned pre Pinterest!


Why are you known as Hitched?
I’m the married girl!

What’s so great about the blog?
It’s like a girls night in with lots of honest talk on relationships, beauty and general chit chat on life.

How did you meet your husband?
He worked at my local nightclub. I enjoyed spending Wednesday, Friday and Saturday nights there. After a while we went on an official date – 17 months later we married!

What’s the best thing about being married?
You are your own little family unit of two. It’s great having a full time support system!

Is this your day job?
No – I am a full time, in house, Social Media Manager which keeps me busy. I blog for work but love blogging for myself here.

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