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Wedded Miss: Soap & Glorious

30 Apr

Move over hubby, our Wedded Miss has a new love in her life and it comes in the form of Soap & Glory’s skincare range. Here she says a massive ‘I Do’ to their latest anti-wrinkle eye cream.


As I hurtle towards the grand old age of 30, I realise that I have to succumb to using products which make my skin silky smooth and prevent those dreaded wrinkles we all spend a fortune trying to avoid. My eyes are the real issue, as even though I have inherited my parents youthful looks, I have always had big dark bags which seem to be getting more sensitive and crinkled as I enjoy married life.

There is a huge market for anti-wrinkle miracle solutions but I’m not interested in the hype, as even though I am recently hitched I just don’t feel old enough to need such a wonder product. Luckily for me, Soap & Glory have everything a girl needs to take your face from fab to drab without breaking into the cocktail fund.

My fabulous & generous Dad had already bought me a delightful selection of products from the range to get me ready for my wedding, so I already knew the face range was working for me.
Make Yourself Youthful eye cream is a serious life saver; my love for this product is close to my love for ‘Mr & Mrs’ garments and it is perfect for my sensitive contact lensed eyes, as  It soothes them, stops concealer drying and helps reduce dark circles.

It is now one of the must haves in my morning routine, so if you’re feeling the pinch around the windows to your soul – check it out. It is £12 for a small tube but it lasts for ages as you need the tiniest amount.

Other soap & glory products I strongly recommend you blow your pay check on:

1. Clean On Me shower gel – gorgeous smell, moisturising & lasts longer than Miss Independent’s relationships.

2. Calm One Calm All Bubble bath – as above but even more moisturising & gives good bubble.

3. Love at First Blush blusher – beautiful pinks plus a gorgeous shimmer to highlight your cheekbones, whether they are there or not!! Try it on your eye lids too. Mirror included so shove it in your clutch to keep you looking flushed all day/night long.

4. Face Soap and Clarity – excellent facial scrub which makes your face feel clean & fresh without drying it out. Also good if you have oily/sensitive skin like moi as it is super kind & not harsh.

Try them – you won’t regret it!


Sex & The Charity: Cupcake and cocktails event

24 Apr

Wedded Miss and Miss Independent lead very different lives; one has found someone to put a ring on it and the other just wishes a bloke would ring her mobile. But last week saw the H&D ladies attend a fabulous event in Nottingham for cocktails, cupcakes, celeb look-a-likes and charity.

Sex and The City Party in aid of Haylo Treks China 2013. Pitcher & Piano Nottingham.

H&D raided their wardrobes for outfits with a cracking load of Carrie and a splash of Samantha, as we hit the Pitcher & Piano to help raise lots of cash for Haylo Treks China in aid of The TeenageCancer trust. We were treated to a cupcake on arrival and a glass of something pink and fizzy which went down faster than Miss Independent in her 6 inch heels.

 Guests were treated to an evening of A list entertainment, as Simon Cowell, Keith Lemon and even Darth Vadar took time out of their busy showbiz diaries to mingle with the women of Nottingham. It wasn’t long before our noses lead us to the Lush stand, where we were the first of many to receive an ,erm Lush, hand massage.

Miss Independent gets the Lush treatment

The evening was topped off by an amazing raffle, which included a Pandora bracelet and tons of SATC goodies, and with tickets only 50p H&D blew our shoe fund on a load of tickets.

The evening raised over £1000 for Hayley’s trek, and you can donate now by visiting

Get carrie-d away for a fabulous cause

14 Apr

Cupcakes, cocktails and Carrie Bradshaw; all the best things in life seem to begin with ‘C’, but one word that doesn’t fall under that catagory is cancer. Both Wedded Miss and Miss Independent have lost those dearest to us as a result of this awful disease, which is why any chance to raise much needed money and beat it is something we are extremely passionate about.

Hayley Roberts, a fellow Nottingham resident, is putting on a fabulous fundraising evening in aid of Capital FM’s ‘Help a Capital Child’ campaign, at the Pitcher & Piano in the city centre on Thursday 19th April at 7.30pm. The evening aims to raise funds for Hayley’s amazing trek to the Great Wall of China on 16th March 2013, and she needs YOUR help to reach that much needed £5000 target.

H&D never need an excuse to dress up, but what better way than an evening of glitz, glam, giggles and amazing giveaways; including a Pandora bracelet and a spa day. So pop on your Manolo’s, put your heated rollers in and add a little Sex and Charity to your social life.

For tickets contact Miss Independent at

To sponsor Hayley visit

The Only Way Is Lauren

10 Apr



I was looking forward to trying out Lauren Goodger’s tanning range – although I don’t watch TOWIE, I read a lot of magazines and have followed the apparent ups and downs of her love life! I think mostly because we share the same name and plus I love a bit of fake tan in my life; it makes me feel healthier, slimmer and sexier.

I have to say I was a bit worried I’d be disappointed by the range because I’d got my hopes up and often gimmicky celeb products are a total let down, but I actually really liked the Laurens Way Glam Tan!


Golden goddess in an instant!


I was pleasantly surprised that it didn’t have that fake tan, biscuit smell which drives most of us mad.  It dried quickly and didn’t feel greasy at all, which for me is a big thing, as I can’t bear that skippery feeling you get from some tans.  Most importantly of all it gave me a lovely golden colour, which lasted even after I’d showered.


You definitely need to use a mitt to apply this tan, but I’d advise that with any tan as it gives a more even colour and stops the embarrassment of tanned palms!

It is priced at £18.50 for a bottle so its not the most purse friendly option in terms of fake tan ,but you can tell the difference between this and a cheaper alternative.  I have a feeling the bottle will last a while as well, as it’s a decent size and not much is needed due to the fabulous deep colour. The packaging is simple and classy, which definately looks good in my bathroom.

What more can a girl ask for ask for in a fake tan? So shatuppppp St Tropez, as the only way to get an es-sexy tan this summer is Lauren’s Way.

Lauren’s Way is available at



Feeling Fashionably Good

6 Apr

Us lady folk deserve to feel good about ourselves all of the time, and the wonderful people at John Lewis champion that idea too. Hitched & Ditched headed down to The Nottingham Cornerhouse for an evening of clobber, champers and cake pops.

Wedded Miss & Miss Independent pose with champers

The chances of finding a woman who is 100% confident with her appearance are slimmer than Miss Independent bagging a decent bloke; it’s become a sad given that ladies are down on themselves when it comes to the looks department, which is why we were extremely happy to be invited to the Feel Good Fashion show in aid of The Teenage Cancer Trust this week.

The fabulous folk at John Lewis took over The Slug & Lettuce to show their latest range of swimwear, casual clothing, evening attire and even some saucy underwear, which were all modelled by everyday people; including one very delicious David Beckham look-a-like. Hubba.

Note to self: must work on beach body

Better make room in our wardrobe!

Fashion has no age! work it girls

Wedded Miss and Miss Independent were treated to champagne on arrival, and a delicious cake pop, which we would happily forgoe the beach body diet for. The evening was a massive success, with money being raised from ticket sales, a fabulous raffle and donations being made on the evening itself.

Pop goes our waistband...

After the glamorous evening, Hitched & Ditched headed to a few more bars and carried on the good spirits (after downing a few ourselves). We were very honoured to be part of such a fabulous evening, and if you fancy getting involved in helping raise money, then check out the Teenage Cancer Trust website.

Looking for love in a hopeless place

1 Apr

Nah nah nah nah nah come on! Surely Ms Rihanna doesn’t struggle to find her very own Rude Boy? According to the lady herself bagging the perfect man is harder than it seems, even with that face and body. Wedded Miss and Miss Independent discuss power, the pretty and finding that elusive perfect man.

Wedded Miss Says…

 As mega famous, filthy rich and utterly stunning pop singer Rihanna recently found out, men are often intimidated by a woman’s success, work ethic, a big income, a gorgeous body and a lavish lifestyle.  Being Rihanna doesn’t make it any easier to get what you want and be happy ,unfortunately.

Modern day women have a lot to contend with; getting a career you love but having time to socialize with friends and family, finding ‘The One’ whilst still being independent, sexy and demure, clever but not ‘too clever’, maternal but not ‘mumsy’, successful but not intimidating. Being a woman is essentially a balancing act between who you are and who others expect you to be. So should Rihanna and women like her just dumb down, get out the game and succumb to a not entirely perfect relationship (think Chris Brown…) in order to share their life with someone?  NO is my answer!  I may not be intimidating in the money or career sense but I truly believe that a woman should never hide herself in order to bag a partner.

Men have always disliked my feisty nature; I am opinionated, angry, feminist and not afraid of a good discussion or argument!  I got bullied at school for being outspoken, called all sorts of ridiculous names, and still men (and other women) feel that they can bully me because I have something to say. I don’t believe that women should shut up and put up; people who put you down only do so because they can’t handle you and have their only insecurities. I have never dumbed myself down or pretended to be something I’m not because I really feel that to find true love and develop a fabulous relationship you have to be able to be YOU!

Rihanna and her amazing worldwide success, fame and money may intimidate many men but she is still human.  She still has her flaws; her good points, still makes mistakes, likes to laugh and sometimes cries.  And if any man is worth being with they will make the effort to see past the super star façade.

Although it can sometimes feel lonely being single it’s not worth being with someone who makes you feel like who you are is wrong. Women have every right to be successful, beautiful, intelligent, mothering, strong, independent, outspoken, amazing and find true love! There are men out there who will actually like you for who you are; so get out there and show them how awesome being a woman can be!


Miss Independent says…

Poor old Ri-Ri. No matter how many times she shakes that booty, or gallivants across a sandy white beach in nothing more than dental floss, it seems she too struggles in the search to bag her dream man. She may like to keep it real by hopping on the tube like the rest of us, but her life is anything but ordinary, and many men struggle to cope when their Mrs brings home more money than they do, let alone being a worldwide superstar with paparazzi at every corner.

At the end of the day people are people, it just so happens that some experience a life of luxury that the rest of us can only dream of. But Rihanna still cries over guys like every other woman; she just has an array of designer shades and concealer to hide her pain. Ever since Chris Brown brutally attacked her, Rihanna has been linked to a string of celebrity men, with professional douche bag Ashton Kutcher being the latest. Now I’m no relationship guru, but it doesn’t take a genius to see that the S N M lover just wants to feel like the only girl in the world, but keeps on searching for love in hopeless places.

I believe that celebrities get with other celebrities as it is easier for the relationship to cope, as both are under the spotlight. This can also apply to everyday human beings like me, as I would love to find romance with a fellow creative soul, and the thought of being with someone who deals with figures other than my own just doesn’t add up.

I agree with Wedded Miss, in that a woman should be comfortable being herself and men should either like it or lump it, however more often than not we end up changing ourselves to cater to the opposite sex. Ri-Ri also admitted this week that she is not 100% happy with her body, despite constantly being snapped in daring outfits that reveal at least one of her nipples. But we have to remember that this woman is still only 23 years old, and feeling comfortable in her own skin is something she’ll learn along her star studded path.

So where does that leave the rest of us? I mean a woman as feisty as Rihanna should have men quaking in their boots and queuing round the block no? Well that’s where the problem lies, as a woman with power is not something that a man can swallow easily, especially when it comes to having a relationship. But until Rihanna falls of the A list radar, she’ll continue with this struggle; which makes her more relatable as a fellow female than any amount of tube rides.