Tw*t-light: Is cheating really worth it?

26 Jul


H & D have witnessed some shocking things in our time; from Miss Independent being dumped by text and refusing to get dressed for days, to Wedded Miss taking 3 taxis home after a night out due to her allergic reaction to a good time. But when the gossip courier pigeon dropped the bomb that Kristen Stewart had done the dirty on one of the world’s hottest man candy, we thought a stray bit of mascara had caused us to misread such information. So what is it about this cheating lark, and why do people who seem to have it all still risk everything for a bit of behind the scenes nookie?

Miss Independent says:

Trust. Honesty. Respect and love. These four elements are the building blocks for any relationship, but all it takes is for one member of ‘team relationship’ to remove that wobbly Jenga piece by cheating, and the once solid tower is left broken on the floor.

As regular human beings, we thrive off of knowing the ins and outs of every celeb relationship; why did it end, who ended it, was anyone else involved? And most of the time it is because we want to see why these immortal A listers failed at something which should be as perfect for them as they make it seem on screen.

When I first heard about the alleged rumours of Kristen’s wicked ways, I thought it was nothing more than idle tabloid gossip, which would do nothing more than line my fish and chip supper. But to read a statement from the Scarlett woman herself, admitting to her ‘momentary indiscretion’ I had to ask why? Not because Robert Pattinson is one of the most sought after men on the planet, but why have such a meaningless fling and break something which clearly meant so much to you.

I believe that some people do have addictive personalities, and that the thrill of short lived things keeps them going, but was Kristen really one of these characters, or did she make a mistake as a 22 year old woman who got caught up in a world which doesn’t seem real at times? Either way, reports of Rob P being devastated have hit headlines across the globe, as well as snippets from interviews with him saying ‘I just don’t understand people who cheat.’

This single lady fully agrees with his admission, and could never imagine being intimate and giving herself to more than one person. The guilt would consume me and if I am honest, I struggle to find one bloke that ticks every box, so having two would be near enough impossible!

I hold my hands up to the odd text flirting in my younger days with guys who have girlfriends, but I would never go as far as meeting them or actually having an affair myself. But back then my view was ‘i’m the single one here so I’m not doing anything wrong.’ which is of course naive and not an acceptable excuse. But to actually break a long term relationship just to get some thrills on the side baffles me; if you are that unhappy then leave, do not have someone adoring you at home when you just want to exit because things have become a little stale.

Kristen and Robert have always maintained a private relationship, but it has exploded in the most public way, and would she really have been as apologetic if she wasn’t in the public eye; we will never know and they are entitled to their privacy during such a horrible time for any couple- famous or not.

When the perfect man saunters into my life, I would never do anything to break that bond, and the thought of someone so close to me losing all respect is possibly the worse thing to happen; that or your folks saying ‘I’m not mad, just disappointed.’

I agree with Wedded Miss; life is short, but your actions do matter, and in the end it all comes down to that one special person. So are they ever really worth losing over a drunken snog or heart racing affair?

One thing’s for sure…. The promo for the next Twilight film will be a tad #awkward

Wedded Miss Says:

Now I’m not a Twilight fan so I don’t understand the whole R-Patz, K-Stew appeal but the news that she had a fling with an older, married man with 2 children is pretty much all over the internet so I couldn’t really miss it now could I?!

Cheating. It’s such a big, complex subject but it is one that everybody has an opinion on. I, like R-Patz himself, have always had quite a black and white view of cheating – that it is wrong and I wouldn’t tolerate it and I didn’t understand people who did it.

This hasn’t changed now I am a married lady but I have become more understanding of the complexity of unfaithfulness.

From my life experience and a very scientific study in this field (otherwise known as dating) I believe that there are 2 categories into which cheaters fall: the first is people who cheat because they can, they are bored, they want to and have no self respect (lets be honest most of us have come across these arrogant b*****ds). Then there are others for whom a relationship has deteriorated in such a serious way they want a connection with someone but for one reason or another cannot leave the relationship, maybe they have children or their partner is ill.

Being married does make the issue of cheating quite poignant as I have always felt it would be a deal breaker for me and my husband, whoever was doing the cheating, but we have always been very open and honest about what we expect and how it might affect us if it did happen. This is obviously private and I wholeheartedly believe that it is the choice of the couple how they deal with their own situation.

However the idea that another woman would cheat with someone who is married, living together or has children sickens me. I think it is incredibly naïve of K-Stew to ‘only just realise he has children’ at this late stage. To me all these choices you make with someone are huge and life changing and for my husband or an outsider to treat that as if it means nothing is the ultimate betrayal and act of disrespect. How can you ever feel the same about the person you married?

Relationships are far from easy but this is not an excuse for infidelity! I refuse to believe that there are not ways to sort relationships out before you throw it away over a bit of lustful sex. People give up and give in too easily but the real happiness in life, marriage, careers, children, friendships, family – they take work and effort and sometimes mean doing things for the benefit of the whole rather than just yourself. Otherwise why bother being with someone? It isn’t a crime to be single, either leave or act like a grown up who has responsibilities.

Despite my strong feelings on this subject I do believe that people have the right to privacy and to do what is right for their relationship/marriage whatever I think would be right for me. But just remember this – love is precious, life is short and the way you treat people matters.

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